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McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars LLC, established in 1997, is an internationally recognized company that conducts flight and ground training for primary and advanced pilots; providing the skills and knowledge needed to operate safely in the unique environment of the mountain and canyons, involving off pavement landings.

With the guidance of Lori and the help of her instructors, McCall Mountain Canyon Flying has developed into the most prominent backcountry flight school in the nation. Their instructors are some of the most recognized backcountry pilots in Idaho and Utah.

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This school offers individual and group instruction as well as individualized mountain/canyon tailwheel endorsements.

Our tailwheel training is conducted off pavement in high density altitude environments.
*See Tailwheel Training Syllabus

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How to take care of your machines!


As backcountry fanatics we are rarely limited to flying, many of us enjoy other activities the backcountry has to offer and rely on our planes, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc. to get us there. And to get us out. Maintenance of these machines is a key to safe adventures and successful excursions.  Although the linked short article is specifically about snowmobiles, we think that is has great general applications for all your toys and transports. Read the full article here: HOW TO MAKE YOUR SNOWMOBILE LAST FOREVER  by Tracy Graham (courtesy carcovers.com and Lucas)  

Lori MacNichol will be the first person to tell you that the greatest gift she ever gave herself was learning how to fly. 

Aviation education is central to why Lori flies. Believing that fear and mistakes come from not knowing enough and not being comfortable enough, she has dedicated herself to teaching others how to fly in the backcountry, sharing the idiosyncrasies of the unique place and what is required to be a good, safe pilot in such a special place.  Whether it's training pilots or preserving infrastructure, Lori is all about making sure others can experience the same feeling she gets from flying through the Idaho wilderness.

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Our Mission

McCall Mountain and Canyon Flying Seminars LLC provides advanced aviation safety courses to address the special type of airmanship skills and knowledge needed to operate safely in the unique environment of the mountains and canyons.

This school strives to promote aviation safety and incorporates the education of edicts and responsible use of the wilderness areas in which pilots fly,

Lori MacNichol
President, McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars LLC

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